The Liberal Party of Canada has just revised their plan for home-grown private Cannabis gardens. Starting July 2018 when Cannabis legalization is slated to begin, every Canadian will gain the right to grow their own Cannabis plants at home.


It was originally proposed by the government that each household would be allowed to grow four cannabis plants to a maximum height of 1 meter. When they originally announced this, there was a lot of confusion as to how the government expected to enforce the 1-meter height limit.


Updated Height Policy

Revised in October 2017, the new legalization plan removes the 1-meter height restriction. Canadian residents will be allowed to grow four plants per household (regardless of how many people live there) with no maximum on plant height. Plants can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Quebec Bans Home Cannabis Production

Quebec announced their plans for a legal Cannabis market in the Fall of 2017. Quebec’s plan for legalization is the most strict in the country with only a limited number of state-run dispensaries slated to open upon legalization. In addition, Quebec has banned residents from growing their own plants at home, even though the federal government is permitting Canadians the right to grow up to four plants per household. As of writing, no other province has banned home cultivation other than Quebec.

Benefits of Growing at Home

Besides the obvious benefit of saving significant money, there are a few other benefits to growing your own Cannabis at home:

  1. Eat it for Health Benefits – You can use the cannabis leaves and trim in your cooking, smoothies, and juices to get all the health benefits of the cannabinoids, CBD and THC-A within the plant. This will not get you high.
  2. Organic Cannabis – You have peace of mind knowing your plants don’t have any unwanted chemicals laced in them. Growing organically without pesticides is quite easy with Cannabis.
  3. Benefits to your Soul – Growing and caring for plants is intrinsically rewarding and brings you more in-sync with nature and your deeper soul.


How to Get The Best Results Growing at Home

So now that you know you can grow your own medicinal herbs at home in Summer 2018, let’s discuss how to get the best results. It’s important to first consider where your plants will grow, what you’ll do about the smell of the flowering plants, and how accessible your grow location is by others.

If your goal is to produce the greatest quantity of flowers possible and have lots of space, then you’re going to want to select cannabis strains that grow very large plants (since there is no height limit). California is known for its plants that are 10 or more feet tall!

Of course, most urban-living Canadians don’t have the room to grow plants this large. Most Cannabis plants grow between 3-5 feet tall and need 2-3 square feet of room between each plant. If you’re buying cannabis seeds from a retailer, then check the seed packet for details on height and yield estimates of each strain.


Can you grow cannabis in regular oil dirt? Absolutely! There are a number of growing mediums that work well with growing cannabis including hydroponics, coco, clay pellets and soil. Growing healthy, bountiful plants requires using high-quality nutrients mixed into your water solution. Cannabis roots like to dry out, so water every 3 or 4 days. If you water too often and keep the soil moist, then mold or other diseases can develop.

If you’re growing indoors and live in an apartment building or strata complex, be sure to confirm you’re allowed to grow cannabis in your dwelling. Prepare for your place to stink for up to 2 months during the flowering and drying process unless properly ventilated.


Words of Caution Before You Start Growing

Until Cannabis is officially legalized, growing at home will still be technically illegal. Here are some things to consider when you start growing your own Cannabis this summer:

  1. Is the growing location accessible by other people, animals or children? You don’t want your crop stolen at the end of the season or chewed by rabbits.
  2. Create a habit of watering on certain days or automate watering. If you aren’t consistent with watering and feeding nutrients then your plants may die or become ill.
  3. Inspect every few days for pests, insects and mold. You want to stop any pest or mold as early as possible to minimize damage. Spider mites are one of the most common pests and leave small spider webs between branches.
  4. Have a plan for dealing with the pungent smell of the Cannabis flowers during the flowering and drying stage. If growing indoors in a contained space, a carbon filter with proper ventilation will minimize smell.


Remember that success is not guaranteed, especially the first time. It may take multiple attempts before you reach success. Overall the process is quite easy. Do your research and don’t neglect your plants for long periods of time and you should be a pro in no time! Best of luck with your first legal cannabis grow!

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    Hello, I wonder if you can advise me … I have a small plant which I adopted as dead – supposedly. I was told it’s a female C Sativa and is not actually dead but neglected. Just a one foot tall stem in a pot and has zero foliage remaining but it is alive and I’m hoping to keep it going into Spring and then fully bring it back to life. Is this realistic and if so how should I proceed? I’ve never grown cannabis before but our house and garden is full of orchids and sorts of other plants thanks to my wife. Thank you!

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