Back in the days, only the government’s licensed producers could be accepted for cannabis testing by laboratories, which made it impossible for small-scale and private growers to check the quality of their material.

Fortunately, two years ago, Health Canada released the list of 17 laboratories authorized to conduct cannabis tests for individuals. Since then, the number of facilities has doubled, and now, there are 34 laboratories where you can see if your cannabis buds meet the quality standards.

cannabis testing

The current home-growing policy opens up plenty of options that are meant to ensure the quality, but the ACMPR regime also includes patients who would like to check if the medication they received from stationary or online dispensaries meet the current standards.

According to Health Canada, if a laboratory has a Dealers License under the Narcotic Control Regulations, you can ask the facility to test the material for you.

Speaking of which…

What Tests Do the Licensed Laboratories Conduct?

Laboratories with a Dealers License can test your cannabis sample for a variety of features, from the overall quality and purity to the cannabinoid and terpene content. However, before you send the sample to one of the facilities, be sure to contact the staff directly to find out what testing they offer and how much the service will cost.

Who Can Ask For Testing?

To apply for the lab testing, you are required to obtain a registration certificate from the ACMPR and send it to the facility of your choice. You can also obtain an authorization to possess issued under the MMAR if the first option is out of your reach.

It’s of the utmost importance to attach this document to the cannabis sample you want the laboratory to test; the facility’s staff will need to make sure that you qualify for testing in order to run their activities legally. If you fail to attach the certificate, your sample will be destroyed.

34 Laboratories Available For Private Cannabis Testing

cannabis testing

The table below includes a list of laboratories which have qualified for a current Dealers License under the Narcotic Control Regulations.

Licensed dealer Province / Territory Contact information
A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. ON 1-519-457-2575 ext. 223
Anandia Laboratories Inc. BC 1-604-822-0253
ARA-Avanti Rx Analytics Inc. ON 1-416-548-5998
AXXONLAB Inc. QC 1-888-675-5226 ext. 226
Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd. – University of British Columbia BC 1-604-827-5520
Centre for Advanced Research in Environmental Genomics – University of Ottawa ON 1-613-562-5800 ext. 6601
Ccrest Laboratories (A Division of Europharm International Canada Inc.) QC 1-514-324-1073 ext. 238
Chemi Pharmaceutical Inc. ON 1-905-670-7600 ext. 102
Dr. Raimar Loebenberg

Katz Group – Rexall Centre for Pharmacy & Health Research

University of Alberta

AB 1-780-492-1255
Eurofins Experchem Laboratories, Inc. ON 1-416-665-2134



Green Sky Laboratories Corp. BC 1-778-430-5177
InnoTech Alberta Inc. AB 1-780-632-8229
KABS Laboratories Inc. QC 1-450-656-4404
Keystone Labs Inc. AB 1-587-458-8411
Laboratoire PhytoChemia Inc. QC 1-581-306-1230
Labs-Mart Inc. AB 1-780-469-9009
Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology ON 1-613-969-1913 ext. 2363
Lupos (Canada) Biotechnology Inc. ON 1-647-686-3986
M.B. Laboratories Ltd. BC 1-250-656-1334
MS Pharma Inc. QC 1-450-681-1132
NDI ADRL Inc. ON 1-905-625-7995 ext. 119
Neopharm Labs Inc. QC 1-450-435-8864
Northern Vine Canada Inc. BC 1-604-371-3371
Pharmascience Inc. QC 1-800-340-9735
ProgenyBio Agricultural Services Inc. BC 1-250-487-8229
RPC (Research and Productivity Council) NB 1-506-452-1270
Saskatchewan Research Council,

Analytical Laboratory

SK 1-306-933-5204
SGS Canada Inc. BC 1-604-638-2349 ext. 13900
SGS Canada ON 1-905-305-0998


Supra THC Services Inc. BC 1-888-470-2469
Synfine Research Limited ON 1-905-737-2702 ext. 261
The Vimy Ridge Group Ltd. ON 1-416-438-6727
Toronto Research Chemicals Inc. ON 1-416-665-9696
Tweed Inc. ON 1-855-558-9333 ext. 107
University Health Network ON 1-416-581-7601
Valens Agritech Ltd. BC 1-778-755-0052
0904649 BC Ltd. (Salvation Botanicals) BC 1-250-591-4372


With the full legalization of cannabis drawing near in Canada, we can soon expect more laboratories to join the list of authorized facilities which provide cannabis testing services for consumers in the country.

There has been a significant increase in interest from cannabis growing groups who want to improve on the quality of their final products, as well as from medical individuals looking to understand the nature of their medicine.

Keep in mind that cannabis testing can vary in price, from a couple hundred dollars to even $1,000 per sample should you want to test it for the complete cannabinoid & terpene profile and potential contaminants.



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