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Vancouver, BC, Canada
750 Hornby Street Vancouver British Columbia V6Z 2H7 CA
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Tokebox Inc. is a Vancouver based cannabis subscription club and lifestyle company. You can choose from 1 of three boxes to suit your lifestyle and choose from a handful of hand picked add-ons from our partners. Shipping, lab testing, hand blown jars and safety information are all included with every order.

We were tired of buying the same average cannabis and getting the same average results. Having tried all of the online and most storefront dispensaries we found the quality, value, testing, experience and consistency wasn’t there, something was missing.  

Sometimes if you want it done right you need to do it yourself, that’s why we created Tokebox. Our mission is to provide best in class cannabis and cannabis related products directly to your doorstep on a monthly basis without breaking the bank. We worry about the details because life’s complicated, your cannabis shouldn’t be.


Why Tokebox?

1. Why the fu*k not?!

Can you think of a reason not to? Our members couldn’t think of one either.

2. Convenience

We make this easy for you with effortless delivery from farm to your door. We also include shipping with your subscription.

3. Quality

All products require laboratory testing in addition to a quality review before making their way to the box. Products are lab tested for mold, pesticides, metals, THC and CBD.

4. Full Transparency

All flower and products offered are locally sourced from BC growers, dispensaries and cannabis related companies. We work with the best products backed by the best people to deliver value to our customers.

5. Value

Competitive prices, consistent quality and an incomparable product.


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