Guide to Choosing the Best Cannabis Directories for SEO

Being in the Cannabis industry, most of the traditional internet advertising is off limits to us, meaning no Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads or Google Ads. In most other industries, companies can simply pay their way to the best placements on Google and other top websites. However, that’s not the case if your company sells Cannabis or provides services in this niche. In this article we will discuss the factors that you should consider when choosing cannabis directories for SEO.

best cannabis directories for SEO

What is the Purpose of a Directory?

Directories such as the YellowPages have existed for decades before the internet age and for good reason. Directories are places where consumers go to compare and review various businesses that all offer a similar product or service. Over the past 25 years, online directories have eliminated the need for paper-based directories. Online directories provide searchers with a curated list of companies who provide what they are searching for and these directories then encourage the searcher to contact one of the companies.


How Does a Directory Help Improve Search Engine Optimization?

Directories have been very valuable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools since the early 1990s. These niche business directories communicate valuable information to search engine crawlers and help to reinforce your business’ location, contact information, and details for search engines. This is called a citation and it’s very important that cannabis directories for SEO include your business name, address and contact info is the same across all websites including your social media profiles.

In addition to the valuable citation, directories also provide backlinks to your company website; the general rule of thumb is if your website and a competitor’s site are targeting the same keywords, then the webpage with more total backlinks will rank higher on Google (all other SEO factors being equal).


Niche-focused Directories vs General Directories:

One common question we are asked is “what directory’s should I list my business on?” For best SEO practice we recommend you choose your directories very carefully as some low-quality directories may actually harm your SEO. Do not list on directories that look spammy, old and outdated, or that accept any and all kinds of businesses for free as these websites are basically ignored by Google. Worse yet, if they find an illegal linking scheme associated with one of these directories, then all the websites on that directory will be penalized and flagged.


The best directories to list on are niche-focused website directories that only contain information pertaining specifically to one niche. Niche directories are very important because it helps the Google bots associate your brand and website with the keywords pertaining to that niche website.

Examples of niches directories are:

  • Directory of Construction companies in Canada
  • Law-focused directories for lawyers
  • Cannabis-focused directories

In fact this website you are visiting now,, is a great example of a niche directory.


Why Cannabis Directories are Necessary for Cannabis Store SEO

Is your cannabis business or dispensary ranking in Google for searches related to your business or are you non-existent? Is your website being pushed off the first page of results by your competitors? If this describes you, then you got some SEO work to do! If you’re already ranking well on Google, then that’s awesome! But don’t ignore the power of a cannabis directory listing.

Business listings on cannabis directories help strengthen the association between your brand and cannabis keywords that you are trying to rank for. When the google bots recognize that your brand has various links across the internet all pertaining to cannabis, then they will begin to show your website higher on the search engine results page for related searches.


Best Practices for Choosing Which Directories to List On

Niche-focused directories are powerful tools if used correctly. The number one thing to look for is what niche is the directory targeting. What other businesses are listing on this service? Do they seem to be legit and in the same line of business as you? Or is the directory listing every business in any niche from countries all around the world?

Choose cannabis directories for SEO that are updated regularly and producing new content on the blog. If a website hasn’t been updated in a year or more, there likely isn’t a lot of traffic there. Look for directories that have an approval process to screen out low-quality spammy businesses and that only allow businesses that fit a specific criteria. This way you know the backlinks are high quality and the site will remain niche-specific.

You only want to list on niche-focused directories, for the reasons already discussed. Make sure you write unique descriptions for your business. If you just copy and paste the exact same words from your website onto all your various listings, then Google will view this as duplicate content and this could hurt your website’s ranking positions.


A Cannabis Directory for the Legal Canadian Market: was built from the ground up with Search Engine Optimization in mind. We found that the existing websites were low quality, outdated, hard to use and not focused on providing valuable content to the Canadian cannabis community. In response, we have built a website platform that is a business directory and advertising platform in one powerful platform. A listing on provides a citation to help with search engine optimization and the built-in native advertising platform ensures that your promotions will never be blocked by ad blockers.


Join the Directory Now!

If you are a member of a legal cannabis company in Canada and wish to join our directory, please sign up here.

Author: CannabisNearMe connects Canadians with local cannabis businesses, local events and the top branded products. Check out our map finder to discover new businesses and events near you!

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