The fun things in life are often those most hazardous to your health…

…And it won’t be a surprise for you to learn this rule applies to cannabis just like anything else. Wrapping and incinerating weed is a fast way to reap the benefits but it takes its toll on your lungs, throat, and overall health over time. In this article we’ll discuss how to consume cannabis without smoking. 


Enjoying Cannabis Without Smoking

So if you’re after an alternative route to a decent high from weed without smoking, fear not. Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or nervous newbie, there are many other methods of consuming cannabis which don’t involve turning your insides into a smoke house. From delicious brownies to cannabis tinctures, we bring you a comprehensive look at how to enjoy cannabis without smoking.



A variety of cannabis edibles on display


Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis famously gives people the munchies. But why wait to eat after smoking when you could get the effects of the plant without smoking and satisfy your stomach as well as your senses at the same time?


Baking is an excellent way of infusing goodies with cannabis without smoking. The butter and oil involved makes it easy for the THC in Cannabis to be bioavailable. The advent of ready made cannabis edibles means it’s never been simpler to indulge. Brownies are a perfect solution, though the range of cannabis-friendly food and drink on offer will surprise you. Think crackers are boring? Try them with a “secret ingredient”. Or if you want a proper kick in the sweet spot how about ganja-enriched coffee? Just don’t expect to sleep anytime soon.


If you’re using cannabis for your aches and pains, using it as a cooking ingredient is a major plus. That’s because it’s released into your system a lot slower and stays in your system longer; so you don’t have to keep topping yourself up. Watch your dosage though. The effects of cannabis without smoking take longer to appear when cooked in food. New users may be impatient and believe they are not that potent; only to find they kick in an hour later. Be patient and don’t eat too much or you’ll risk an unpredictable high.


marijuana tincture


Cannabis Oils and Tinctures

If you’re impatient then you should consider a tincture. Fuse cannabis oil with water or your favorite juice or apply directly under the tongue. The effect is faster and it’s low calorie; so you don’t have to worry about your figure in the process!


Oils are a versatile and less filling way of delivering cannabis. Like any ingredient it can take various forms. You can pop a pill. One gulp and you’re golden. It’s efficient and above all smoke free. However be mindful of how much is in that little capsule, as a high dose in one concentrated package could do more harm than good.




THC balm

THC Balms, Ointments, and Salves

You should consider rubbing it in. Ganja-oriented balms, ointments and salves are all available with an abundance of beneficial cannabinoids, enabling you to massage the cannabis directly into the muscles and joints. These “topicals” are great if you rely on the green stuff to soothe chronic pain. Applying these products to your skin also means you bypass the brain, avoiding time-consuming psychological effects.

Sorry friends but you’re not going to get high as a kite from cannabis hand cream. Trust me, I tried.


My brother has had persistent psoriasis throughout most of his life. He’s tried every product under the sun over the past decade, as well as dramatically changed his diet, and nothing seemed to work. That was until I was at a Vancouver dispensary and saw they had a topical cream made from cannabis full of cannabinoids (including THC CBD & CBN) for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. I purchased a bottle for him and he noticed dramatic results within a couple of weeks. He was very surprised and happy with the results.




cannabis vaporizer

Vaping Dry Cannabis Flowers

Of course many enjoy smoking cannabis for the same reason they like smoking in general… there’s just something strangely relaxing about having chemicals swirling ‘round in your lungs.


Maybe you feel eating a brownie or edible isn’t right for you. Or you don’t want to be greasy after slathering yourself in an icky cannabis oil product. Perhaps downing a pill is an unexciting prospect for you and you want something sexier.


In that case, why not smoke weed without the smoke? We can’t offer you sexy…. but how about steamy…?


As with tobacco, vaping has transformed the way smokers obtain their regular fix. And because we are talking vaporization and not incineration, cannabis releases all of its active cannabinoids! There are a range of vaporizers for the discerning ex-smoker, from hand-held pens like something out of Star Trek, to filling big bags full of vapor from a Volcano or Arizer.


Vaping is a potentially healthier option to consume your cannabis. The cannabis isn’t burned, it’s merely heated so the temperature is reduced. No more internal scorching if you foul up. On top of that, the taste is improved.


Wouldn’t you rather have a pleasant vapor roaming through your airways than the harsh, cremated alternative from smoking? It’s a gift to those with breathing difficulties who are quite literally playing with fire otherwise. On the flipside, we aren’t doctors. We can’t verify that steam has a massive advantage over smoke. Yet there is still much research to be done in order to verify that steam is actually healthier for you than smoke.


The other key factor when it comes to vaping is its delivery. Some believe it lacks the effects that a joint provides and if you’re one of those people then dabbing could be the cure you’re looking for.




Person using cannabis dab rig for shatter.

Cannabis Concentrates & Dabbing

With dabbing, cannabis is vaporized faster and more dramatically. An attachment – usually a glass pipe or titanium nail – is placed under an extreme heat source, such as a butane torch. When it’s nice and white hot, a marijuana concentrate is then dropped onto it and releases all of its active ingredients. This method is fast and crucially clean.


The intense vaporization creates a pure high and you’re not inhaling any burnt offerings. It isn’t the path to enlightenment for less practical users but it’s worth taking the time to master the art.




We hope this piece has been useful to you when weighing up a smokeless approach to cannabis. If we’ve steered you away from tobacco, that’s wonderful. If we’ve provided you with the excuse you needed to get mixed up with cannabis in the first place, that’s even better. Remember, a healthy user is a happy user.


Discussion: What’s your favourite way to enjoy cannabis without smoking?






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