Local’s Guide to Recreational Weed in Vancouver

If you like weed then you need to check out Vancouver’s local cannabis scene. Vancouver, also known as Vansterdam, is the weed capital of Canada and a stoners paradise. In this post we’ll go over a local’s guide to the recreational weed in Vancouver scene including places to visit, how to buy marijuana, where you can smoke it and lastly some great stoner activities you can do in the city.


Buying Weed at Retail Outlets

Recreational cannabis only just became federally legal on October 17, 2018, yet you wouldn’t know it in Vancouver. Vancouver had over 100 medical dispensary outlets in the city for the past two+ years before federal legalization. The City of Vancouver even created their own business licensing process for medical dispensaries way before the provincial or federal governments created legal frameworks for retail sales.

Pre-legalization you could find flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals at any of the Vancouver dispensaries. Large jars of dried cannabis were on display and the budtenders would allow you to smell the various strains.

However, since the Cannabis Act was enacted on October 17, 2018, the interior layout of recreational dispensaries has changed. Retail outlets can now only sell dried cannabis flowers and oils with low THC levels. Customers can no longer see or smell the flowers they are purchasing. Everything must be packaged so that the cannabis is not visible.


Purchasing Cannabis Online

The Government of British Columbia is the only online retailer that you can purchase legal cannabis from. Here you can find hundreds of different products including dried flowers, oils, and smoking accessories. They have a massive selection of strains to choose from supplied by a variety of different licensed producers.

The official BC cannabis store website is: www.bccannabisstores.com.


Places to Visit

Here in Vancouver, there are many places to visit to enjoy cannabis. One of the long standing businesses is the New Amsterdam Café. Here you can drink beer, order food, and smoke joints all while sitting at your table in the middle of the restaurant. They also have in-house bongs if you’re looking to get really ripped!

Next to the New Amsterdam Café is the infamous Cannabis Culture head shop. Here you will find a vast selection of unique bongs, pipes, hemp clothing, cannabis books, and everything in between. If you’re looking for smoking accessories, this is the place to be. Do note that unlike other Cannabis Culture shops, this one does not sell any cannabis.

Above Cannabis Culture and the New Amsterdam Café is the infamous vape lounge. There are two floors filled with couches and chairs surrounding numerous Volcano vaporizers. It costs $5 per person to get in and you must bring your own weed. This is a great place to hangout with friends and smoke weed indoors. If vaping isn’t your thing, there are also huge bongs and dab rigs for rent.

As you can see there are many places to visit regarding recreational weed in Vancouver.



Smoking Weed in Vancouver

Is it legal to smoke weed in public in Vancouver? Yes and no.

Smoking or vaping cannabis is prohibited in enclosed public spaces, common areas of apartments or condos, workplaces, and public parks such as skating rinks, sports fields, pools, playgrounds, parks, and skate parks, as well as decks, seating areas, or viewing areas connected to these locations. Additionally, smoking and vaping are prohibited at bus stops, train stations, taxi stands, ferry docks, or any place designated for loading and unloading passengers.

You are allowed to smoke outdoors in BC as long as you aren’t smoking at one of these above mentioned locations.

Walking around the streets of Vancouver you’ll smell a lot of weed. Some people like to be more discreet and go down the back alley, others smoke it openly on the street. Keep in mind that it is illegal to smoke at any of the above mentioned spaces or near the doorway or ventilation to buildings and can result in a fine.


Alternatives to Smoking Outside in Public

If you don’t feel comfortable smoking a joint outside, there are a few other options. Vaporizers are a great alternative that is more discrete than smoking. If you’re a regular user, we’d recommend purchasing a high quality herb vaporizer to be more discreet. If you don’t want to buy an expensive vape, visit the vape lounge on Hastings Street above Cannabis Culture. Edibles are another alternative, however they wont be legalized until 2019, so you would have to make your own from flowers or oil available at the government store.

search and find recreational weed in Vancouver


Outdoor Stoner Activities

Our team here at CannabisNearMe.ca are active stoners so we love to get outside and get moving. Vancouver is a haven for outdoorsy and active stoners. Stanley Park is a great place to hang out when stoned. The park is magnificent with some amazing views of the downtown city, North Vancouver, Lions Gate Bridge, the pacific ocean and the local mountains. The pathways leading throughout the park reveal the beautiful nature of the park. Remember that it is illegal to smoke or vape on park grounds.

Another great place to hang outside is in False Creek around the Olympic Village or Science World. There are great views of the city and a small nature conservatory to check out. Granville Island is another great option to just walk around, explore, try lots of food and chill.


Indoor 420 Activities

If you’re more into indoor chill activities, the Cineplex International Village has both small-time unique films and big budget movies. The Cannabis Culture Vape Lounge is a great stoner hangout with pool tables, couches and volcano vaporizers to puff on. The Vancouver Art Museum is cool to check out if you’re into art.

For comedy clubs, there is one downtown called the Comedy Mix, and two just outside the downtown core, Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club and the Improv Centre. Vancouver is also home to a couple state of the art gaming facilities with high speed gaming computers, Xbox One’s, Playstation 4’s and all your favourite games. If you and your buddies are into gaming this is a great indoor option!



Discussion Topic

What is your favourite cannabis-infused activity to do in Vancouver?

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6 responses to “Local’s Guide to Recreational Weed in Vancouver [Updated]”

  1. StonerTravels says:

    Where can a visitor from another country buy it?

    • CannabisNearMe says:

      You can find it online from the Provincial government’s website or at licensed dispensary retail outlets. Ontario, Quebec and BC are delayed on launching the retail outlets.

  2. colleen jones says:

    Where in Vancouver are you allowed to smoke? For example, at a bus stop? or outside of a doorway? – Doorways in many neighbourhoods such as Chinatown, Kits, Commercial Drive etc are every 10-20 feet so does that mean it is illegal to smoke openly on sidewalks?

    • CannabisNearMe says:

      Hi Colleen, you are allowed to smoke in general public, but must follow the same rules as cigarette smokers with regards to distance away from doorways/buildings. Additionally, smoking or vaping cannabis is prohibited in skating rinks, sports fields, pools, playgrounds, parks, and skate parks, as well as decks, seating areas, or viewing areas connected to these locations. Additionally, smoking and vaping are prohibited at bus stops, train stations, taxi stands, ferry docks, or any place designated for loading and unloading passengers.

      • Chris says:

        So in other words, on your own property or nowhere. Who made these regulations? Some 60 year old men getting money from Big Pharma?

        • rodn says:

          u stupid asshole….i am 60, have nothing to do with big pharma, think all the fucking regulations are stupid and unnecessary and really really hate shitheads like you who make stupid, weak minded comments about groups of people based on your own fucking ignorance.

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