If you like your wake and bake routine, chances are that this ritual is accompanied by a cup of your favorite coffee. Well, it’s no wonder because cannabis and coffee are a perfect match – they go together like wine and cheese, with flavors, aromas, and effects that produce an unforgettable synergy.

Actually, there is a reason why this pair is so appreciated by cannabis consumers all around the world. Coffee and cannabis can be a natural speedball, but they also come in handy as a nightcap to help you unwind before sleep and ensure proper regeneration the day after.

So, how to pair coffee and cannabis to achieve the ultimate experience? In this article, we will answer this question and reveal the magic of mixing the green with the black.

Cannabis and Coffee – Mixing Flavors

cannabis and coffee

Cannabis flavor depends on a variety of factors: the strain, the climate in which it was grown, and even the way it was cured and stored. The taste of coffee, on the other hand, depends on how it was washed and, in particular, how it was roasted. Once you understand these relationship, you will be able to put the duo in the perfect combo.

Roast is Everything

In terms of buying coffee to merge with your cannabis, roast is of paramount importance. Coffee with a lighter roast will be richer in caffeine and acid, but will also taste sweet, as opposed to the darker roast which provides coffee with a touch of bitterness.

If you’re up for a lighter coffee, try one of those pungent, sweet strains like Cheese or Skywalker – they will tune down the roast’s acidity. On top of that, sweeter cannabis strains are capable of bringing out the full aroma profile of your coffee, which makes the whole composition complete.

The dark roast, however, will require you to pair the coffee with some freshly tasting indica strains. In this case, strains like Pineapple Express, Strawberry Cough, and Blueberry Kush are keepers. If you like adding a fruity touch to your beverages, those strains will elevate your cannabis & coffee experience to the limit.

Finally, those who are into more balanced options when it comes to choosing the roast will love strains like Northern Lights or Super Silver Haze. These light-flavored flowers do their job perfectly in the background, letting your coffee dominate the setup.

How to Pair Coffee and Cannabis to Get the Desired Effects

cannabis and coffee

Paring cannabis and coffee is a bi-dimensional experience. Aside from the organoleptic part of mixing these two, your combination will vary in effects, largely depending on the strain of your choice.

Indica vs. Sativa

When it comes to the effects, mixing cannabis and coffee is common sense. The strain you want to combine your caffeine with should match the time of the day and the energy levels you want to achieve.

That being said, if you’re looking for a boost of energy and euphoria, a few puffs of AK-47 or Green Crack with your morning espresso should do the trick.

To stay awake throughout the day without worrying about falling asleep too early, look toward the hybrid side of the strain spectrum – how about Moby Dick, for example?

Finally, nothing will put you to sleep like a good indica, so if you want to fall asleep like a child and wake up completely reborn, a modest bowl of O.G. Kush will blow you a sweet good night’s kiss.

Can’t wait to try cannabis with coffee? Getting started is like a walk in a park, and the rest is all about experimenting. Remember that there are no wrong or right choices; if a certain pairing pleases your palate, it’s a good pairing.

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