With cannabis just recently being legalized in Canada and severe restrictions on what marketing and promotion cannabis companies can use, there is a lot of demand for advertising channels that comply with the marketing restrictions outlined in the Cannabis Act. In today’s article we will discuss our SEO service for Cannabis Stores in Canada, how our service works, the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how your business can benefit from this online marketing channel.

SEO service for cannabis stores

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy focused on growing the visibility of your business’ website and online content within organic search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, Youtube, and DuckDuckGo. SEO is a rather technical subject that is often contracted out to consultants or companies that specialize in Search Engine Optimization. The process involves ensuring a number of specific tasks are completed that will result in a well-optimized webpage. There are many factors that influence the ranking positions on the search engine result pages (SERPs) and without expert knowledge or advice, you could quickly get lost in the myriad of technical jargon.



Why is SEO Needed in the Cannabis Industry?

As we alluded to earlier in the intro, there are a ton of marketing restrictions in the Cannabis Act that severely limit the marketing activities that a cannabis store or licensed producer can leverage to promote their brand and products.

Most of the traditional advertising channels are completely off-limits unless you can prove the majority of the audience (70% or more) is of legal age. Social Media services have shown that they are not cannabis friendly with hundreds of cannabis accounts being deleted.

For connecting with new target customers at a low cost, there is no better marketing channel for a cannabis store than creating online content that is search engine optimized. When executed correctly, our SEO service for cannabis stores will become a cornerstone piece to your overall marketing strategy.


Stats about Search Engine usage:

As you know, search engine’s like Google and Bing are household names and used dozens of times per day by millions of people. However, to paint you a more accurate picture of the prevalence of search engine usage in our culture of smart phones and wireless devices, here are some numbers about search engine usage:

5.5 Billion – # of Daily Searches on Google Worldwide

50.3% – % of Worldwide Traffic That Viewed Websites on Mobile Devices

31.5% – Click Through Rate of the #1 Ranked Content for a Given Keyword

seo service for Cannabis stores

About Our SEO Service for Cannabis Stores:

CannabisNearMe.ca provides a unique search engine optimization package that is different from what most SEO companies offer. Most SEO companies will revamp your website, fix critical errors and restructure your website flow. However the problem with this is once it’s done, you need to continuously pump out content and updates onto the website if you want it to rank near the top of search results, which can be a time-consuming and expensive procedure.

With CannabisNearMe.ca’s SEO service for Cannabis Stores we take the work off your hands. We create one high-quality long-form written article promoting your business for the SEO keyword phrase you are trying to rank for. Our team then goes to work behind the scenes to structure backlinks and other trust signals that the Google Bot will recognize and trust so that the article quickly shoots to the top of search results for your desired keyword phrase.

With our service you have no large upfront fee, you don’t need any technical expertise, and our team takes care of all the work.


Why Our Service is The Best

We have spent the past couple years learning, testing, and re-iterating our search engine optimization process and we are proud to say we have mastered the art. What’s unique about our service is we deliver the result you are looking for with minimal upfront cost, minimal time and effort on your staff’s behalf, and we deliver tangible results that start making you money faster!


Our Unique Pricing Model

Our pricing model is different from all other SEO services out there. Unlike other companies that charge all their fees upfront before you have received the financial benefit of their service, we instead charge a monthly fee that reduces your financial obligation upfront when you are starting your business.


You could look at this like an advertising service with a monthly fee, you pay a setup fee to cover a portion of the cost of our team creating the advertisement. Once the advertisement is setup and ranking at the top of search engines, you’ll then continue to pay the same low monthly fee.


With our pricing model, we spread the financial cost of our service out over the year.

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not.

We are so confident that we will deliver results that will generate more monthly income for your business than our service costs that we are willing to take on some of the upfront financial burden knowing that you will stick with our service for many months or years once you see the results!


We Are Unlike Other SEO Services:

Now we understand there are many SEO services out there that promise great results, however the trouble with most of these companies is they require you to pay thousands of dollars up front to revamp your website, build new pages, fix critical errors, re-write your content or create new content for on-page SEO, fix titles, URLs and meta descriptions, and more.

The trouble is SEO changes can take up to 3 months before results begin to materialize, yet you could owe a bill for hundreds of hours of consultant work only 60 days in, before the results even show up. How would you feel about paying $5,000 or more for consultant work without seeing the results yet?


Our Unbeatable Money-Back Guarantee:

We don’t like the model of paying consultants to do work that may or may not produce results in the future. And you as the buyer may be hesitant on which company to choose for your SEO goals. The last thing you want is to hire a consultant only to find out 3-6 months from now that they didn’t produce the intended results and you’ve not only lost thousands of dollars in consultant expenses but also lost thousands of dollars in revenue you could have been generating over those months if the SEO worked.


Our Unbeatable Guarantee:

If we do not deliver the agreed upon SEO result within 60 days, then you are entitled to a full money-back refund! 


You cover just a portion of the upfront cost of our employees to research, write, and optimize your content piece as well as create an animated video and infographic about your business. We do all the work on the back-end to ensure the content ranks for your desired keyword phrase. If the agreed upon result is not achieved within 60 days, then you can ask for all your money back and we’ll absorb the lost.

However we are so confident that we’ll get you the results you desire, that it’s very likely you’ll want to continue our SEO service for cannabis stores for many more months.


Extra Bonuses You Get:

With our service you’ll receive a few added bonuses that other SEO companies won’t provide. These bonuses include:

  • Short Animated Video about your business and location optimized for Youtube’s Search Engine
  • An Infographic/ Poster that you can use on your own website, social media, or print it for a physical display.
  • An anchor-text Backlink from a Canadian cannabis domain (helps improve your own website’s positioning for the target keyword too)
  • A clear Call-To-Action to get customers from the internet into your store


What Are You Waiting For? Take Action Today!

Are you ready to bump your competitors out of those top search result positions and steal their business? Are you ready to dominate local search results for your keywords and grow your revenue exponentially? Don’t hesitate to contact us as your competitor may see this and contact us before you do! … And we only work with one business in each niche per neighbourhood!

Please contact us at +1 (778) 878 0837 or send an email to info @ cannabisnearme.ca


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