Many people ask… What is shatter? And how do you use?

In recent years, dabbing has become a huge movement among the cannabis community. Some people love dabs, other people steer clear. If you haven’t tried dabbing before, this could introduce you to a whole new level of Cannabis potency. In this post we will discuss dabbing and answer a burning question: what is shatter?


Origin of shatter:

Although Cannabis concentrates have been around since the 1940s, Shatter only busted onto the scene this century thanks to advancements in extraction technology and methodology. Shatter is a form of Cannabis concentrate (similar to oil, wax or budder) with a higher quality end product than other concentrates.

Shatter has an amber colour and smooth glass like appearance similar to solid honey, that ‘shatters’ into small pieces just like glass. Shatter is created when dried flowers are placed under extreme pressure to extract out only a pure, gooey, high-THC substance.

How to use gooey shatter dab

What is shatter?

The final product that is created after the extraction process is known as shatter. Shatter is a gooey substance in warm temperatures, hard and brittle at colder temperatures. THC levels in shatter are very high and can yield over 80% THC content per volume.  Just 1 hit can eliminate your pain and have you feeling high as a kite.

How is shatter different from Wax, Oil or Budder?

Shatter is the highest quality and purest form of cannabis concentrates. The easiest way to tell the difference is shatter is transparent (you can see through it) while the other concentrates are translucent and murky-looking.

The reason shatter comes out perfectly clear and glass-like is because the extraction process leaves the molecules undisturbed. Cannabis Wax, oil, and budder have an opaque appearance because the molecules crystallize as a result of agitation.

what is shatter? chocolate shatter gram

Is Dabbing safer than smoking flowers?

Dabbing is more like vaping than smoking. There are less harmful carcinogens because you are not burning plant matter when dabbing. Because of the high THC content, you need significantly less inhales to get to where you want to be, than if you were smoking a joint or bong with flowers.

However, you should choose your shatter with caution as some cheaper shatter products are extracted using potentially harmful solvents such as propane. To ensure your product is clean and safe to use, always buy your shatter from a legal dispensary outlet that can show you lab tests of the shatter. When buying street shatter, you’re taking a much higher risk of inhaling dangerous chemicals.


Doing a dab from a shatter bong

How to enjoy shatter:

There are numerous ways you can enjoy shatter using a variety of different tools and methods.

Dab Rig – A dab rig is a bong with a nail attachment in place of a bowl. The nail is heated by flame with a blow torch or can be heated using an e-nail. E-nails are more expensive than torches but are significantly easier to use and a lot more discreet.

Vaporizer Pen – Looking to take your dabs on the go? A vaporizer pen is a great option for enjoying shatter away from home. Typically these vape pens have a small coil that is heated by a battery in the device to melt the shatter into a vapour.

Joint – Shatter can be added into a joint to make it extra potent. To do this, simply take your shatter and roll it out between your finger tips till you have a thin, long line of shatter. Prepare your joint and lay this shatter on top of the flower before sealing it up. Alternatively, you could wrap the shatter around the outside of the joint. Personally, I prefer inside the joint.

Bong – You don’t need a dab rig to enjoy shatter. If all you have is a bong available, simply pack the bowl with flowers and then place small chunks of shatter on top of the flowers. Try to hold the lighter flame close to the shatter when inhaling to ensure the shatter melts properly.

Hot knife – Ahhh the old hot knife. This is definitely the least efficient way and you will lose a lot of vapour to the open air, but when you’re in a bind and don’t have any proper tools to use, hot knifing can work for you. To hot knife, simply take a kitchen knife, apply direct flame till its read hot, and then apply a small chunk of shatter to the heated knife surface using a metal tool (or paperclip). Quickly breath in as much vapour as possible from the shatter melting on the knife.


We hope this guide gives you a good understanding as to what is shatter and how to use it.


Discussion: How do you prefer to enjoy your shatter? Leave us a comment below!

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